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Ever since man started using LEAF as the first packaging material, the world of packaging has undergone a sea change. After LEAF, came WOOD, then GLASS and now it is PLASTIC. Today world over plastic has emerged as the most preferred packaging material for all products including food and medicine. In keeping with the latest trends we at GLIDE have designed developed and sourced a complete range of bottles containers and Jars for packaging all kinds of Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic products.


We have a wide range of excellent quality Bottles, Containers and Jars designed and selected by us keeping the specific requirement of each industry. We have more than 650 varieties of bottles/containers/jars to cater to the specific and ever increasing needs of the industry. This makes GLIDE one of the leading sourcing company of India. All our products are ATTRACTIVE, SAFE and USER FIRENDLY.


Each and every product is tested with stringent quality control measures which ensure STANDARD, UNIFORM & CONSISTENT QUALITY PRODUCTS.